Mayors Book Club

The goal of hosting a Mayors Book Club is to encourage young students to read, and connect community members to the schools and their municipal leaders. The Mayor’s Book Club program is a success story in building literacy and good relationships. The program has a proven track record of bringing Mayors into their school districts’ classrooms to get them started on the journey to reading 1,000 books as a group by the end of the school year.

Promoting Youth Literacy

The Foundation has created an instruction manual on how to promote youth literacy through planning and conducting a Mayor’s Book Club. This manual was development based on five years of experience conducting successful Mayor’s Book Clubs throughout New Jersey.

My Home Town

In January 2015 the NJLM Educational Foundation published My Home Town.

This manuscript was authored by League Past President, Mayor Jim Anzaldi of Clifton, and is meant for young readers. The book is intended to help children to appreciate the things that local government does and the people that make those good things happen.

This paperback was used in conjunction with the 2014 Mayors Book Club, and was a component of the foundation’s ongoing efforts to promote literacy and the love of learning in municipalities throughout New Jersey.

View the book My Home Town (PDF).