White Papers

The NJLM Educational Foundation publishes papers in the “Friends of Local Government” series. These policy oriented papers will offer the perspectives of experts from outside municipal government, applying their expertise to issues confronted by local leaders.

 Friends of Local Government Series

  1. 2010: A Stabilizing Economy but Uncertainties Remain
  2. 2012: New Jersey Employment Upswing? Or Will It Succumb to the National Slowdown?
  3. 2016: The Changing Face of Cybersecurity & What it Means for Municipalities
  4. A Moving Legal Target: Local Government Regulatory Authority Over Small Cell Wireless Facilities
  5. Appropriating Energy Tax Receipts: The New Normal for New Jersey
  6. Changing Economic and Demographic Dynamics: A New Context for New Jersey Municipalities
  7. Communicating with Constituents when State Policy and Local Jurisdictions Collide
  8. Connecting with Constituents: How Cities and Towns Can Use Social Media
  9. Cross Currents and Convergence: Politics, Economics and the Future of New Jersey Renewable Energy Po
  10. Expiring Affordability Controls Maintaining Affordable Housing in our Municipalities
  11. Integrating Health into Community Design and Decision-making: Opportunities for NJ Municipalites
  12. Leadership and Change: A Primer for Newly Elected Officials
  13. Lift-Off to Tail-Off: More Economic Uncertainty
  14. Moving Up in a Downturn: Management Challenges and Strategies for Municipalities
  15. Municipal Lessons Learned From Superstorm Sandy in New Jersey
  16. New Legal Tools for Redevelopment
  17. Policing in Difficult Economic Times
  18. Practical Lessons from the Front Line: An Economic Development Tool Box for Mayors and Community Lea
  19. Redistricting Reform in New Jersey
  20. Shared Services and Municipal Consolidation Pursuing Careful Assumptions and Grounded Studies (PDF)
  21. State Government Finances: Outlook for New Jersey and Implications for its Local Governments
  22. The Importance of Leadership in Challenging Economic Times
  23. The Importance of Long-Term Planning in Reducing Flooding Vulnerability
  24. The Lessons of Hurricane Irene: All Emergencies Start and End Locally
  25. The New Jersey Economy: Same Old, Same Old
  26. The New Jersey Economy: The Expansion Continues
  27. The Relationship of the Cost of Local Government and Municipal Size in New Jersey