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404 Form

  1. 404 Form

    Please submit this form when you find a broken page link on the League website, and our Web Master will be notified.


  1. Digital Advertising - Step 1 of 3

    The terms and conditions of digital advertising for those wishing to place display advertising on NJLM's website. This form does NOT... More…

  2. Media Kit Request Form

    Complete this form to download an Advertising Media kit, or request to have one mailed to you. The kit contains rates, deadlines,... More…

  1. Digital Advertising Rate Request

    Complete and submit this form to download the current rates and advertising options for placing an ad on NJLM's website.

Contact Information

  1. Comments & Suggestions Online Form

    Send your comments and suggestions to us.

Exhibitor Forms

  1. 2018 Exhibitor Survey

    2018 Exhibitor Survey

  1. Download the 2018 Exhibit & Sponsorship Prospectus

    Thank you for your interest in exhibiting at the 2018 Annual NJ League of Municipalities Conference! Please complete the short, no... More…

Legislative Survey

  1. March 8, 2019 LLC Meeting

    Meeting Notice for the March 8, 2019 League Legislative Committee meeting beginning at 11:00 a.m. at the Princeton Marriott at... More…

NJ Local Government Week

  1. NJ Local Government Week Activity Log

    When your municipal event is over, please share photos and a summary of your activities with the League so that we can include them... More…

NJLM Awards Forms

  1. NJLM Elected Officials Hall of Fame

    Confirmation of the nomination will be mailed to the nominee in February 2019

Ordinances & Shared Services Agreements

  1. Ordinance Request

    Members may request additional assistance on locating ordinances when they cannot find a sample ordinance listed in NJLM's online... More…


  1. Annual Survey 2018
  1. County League Data Form

    Form to update County League data; to ensure that the League has the current contact information for communicating with the County... More…