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Submit a Conference Resolution Topic for Consideration

  1. Submit a Topic You Feel is Important

    Is there a topic that you think the League should consider because it will improve an issue your municipality is facing?

    Every year at the Annual League Conference the Resolutions Committee meets to review a series of proposed resolutions - and these resolutions help to shape the League's legislative agenda for the upcoming year

    To submit a topic for consideration, please complete the form below.

    Or, you already have a resolution drafted, you may submit for consideration.

    Who Can Submit

    Elected officials currently in municipal office, municipal professionals, and members of the League's 21 Affiliate groups.

    I Want to Submit a Full Resolution - Not Just the Topic

    If you already have a resolution drafted, you may submit your resolution for consideration

    Submission & Review Process

    Submitted topics will be reviewed by the League staff, and if choosen, the League staff will contact you regarding a proposed resolution to present before the Conference Resolutions Committee held during the Annual League Conference.


    Visit the Conference Resolutions webpage for more details on the process, a League staff contact, and answers to other questions you may have.

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