Abandoned Properties

As defined by the NJ Department of Treasury Unclaimed Property Administration: "Unclaimed property consists of many types of intangible and tangible properties that have been unclaimed by its rightful owner for a specific period of time. The time period for each type of property considered abandoned is determined by New Jersey's Unclaimed Property Statute. Unclaimed Property is not a tax or an additional liability to businesses. The goal of the Unclaimed Property Office is to recover, record and reunite the property with the rightful owner and/or heirs. Furthermore, an owner's rights to the property are never extinguished. Unclaimed Property does not include Real Estate."

Beyond Code Enforcement (PDF)

Understanding and Using Vacant and Abandoned Property Tools in Your Municipality PowerPoint presentation by The Housing and Community Development Network presented at a League seminar.

How to Create and Maintain an Abandoned Properties List

Step by step outline of the process written by The Housing and Community Development Network.

Sample Ordinance (PDF)

An ordinance enacted in Jersey City in 2014 addressing abandoned properties.