League Releases Reports on Affordable Housing

In June 2015 the League Executive Board retained two expert consulting firms to provide an analysis of the State’s affordable housing policies and an April report issued by the Fair Share Housing Center. The League is pleased to share these two consulting firm reports for use as your municipality wishes.

Effectiveness of Inclusionary Zoning Strategy

Authored by Dr. Robert S. Powell, Ph.D and Gerald Doherty, M.A. of Nassau Capital Advisors, LLC, this report attempts, “to analyze the factors that determine how effective the inclusionary zoning strategy is likely to be in delivering privately-financed affordable housing units in New Jersey over the next ten years.” Read this report 1 (PDF).

Analysis of Calculations

Report authored by a team of analysts at Econsult Solutions, Inc., “…to analyze Dr. David Kinsey’s 2015 calculations of statewide affordable housing obligations for the Fair Share Housing Center (FSHC.)” Read report 2 (PDF).