Message From the League President

James J. Perry Sr. (Hardwick Township)

As we begin the New Year, we mayors face increasingly complex issues in local government. Elected officials need up-to-date information for better planning and administration that can help meet and solve problems. Your League provides key educational seminars geared specifically to local, elected officials.      

Two regional seminars will be held on Saturdays for newly and re-elected officials in January. The seminars will provide newly-elected officials with a thorough overview of their major areas of responsibility and key state level contacts, while re-elected officials will get up-to-date reference materials that provide answers to often asked questions.

The Annual Mayors Legislative Day is held in the beginning of April and provides officials with a budgetary and legislative update from leaders of the state Legislature, the Governor and Cabinet.

We also offer a program exclusively for Elected Officials on the topic of “Budgeting for Elected Officials: Everything You Need to Know to Create, Balance, and Approve Your Municipality’s Budget” The session will be on Saturday, February 22. 

Please take advantage of this year-round valuable service the League provides to help answer your questions and provide solutions to local issues. Sign up for the above-mentioned seminars, and help get your administration off to a running start.