Message From the League President

Mayor Janice Kovach (Clinton Town)

Dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic can be overwhelming for any municipality. Let the League website be a starting point for all your information needs. 

The website homepage hosts news flashes covering the COVID-19 pandemic as well as our online COVID resource page.

We also have a Legislative blog, The Town Crier, that features frequent updates on NJLM’s legislative activities regarding COVID-19 and other topics that may potentially impact local governments.

 On the Calendar of Events you can find programming covering COVID-19 updates and other educational needs for you and your municipal staff. 

 The publications webpage features sample and subscribers bookshelves for the League’s award-winning magazine, NJ Municipalities. This is also the go-to location for NJLM’s other publications, including primers, surveys, directories, and white papers.

 Don’t miss a minute of local government information: follow the League on Twitter and Facebook. You can even view videos on our YouTube page.