Message From the League President

James J. Perry, Sr. (Hardwick Township)

I am extremely honored to be sworn in as the 105th President of the New Jersey League of Municipalities. I follow a long line of great leaders from around this state who have served in this capacity before me. Over many years, we have worked to make this association more responsive to local problems, and more respected by those who shape public policy in New Jersey. I want to thank all of the Mayors and local governing body members who continue to serve their friends and neighbors ethically, energetically, and effectively. For putting the needs of others ahead of your own, you deserve the respect and the gratitude not only of the people who live in and work in and visit your towns today, but of those who do so in the better future that you are helping to build.

Today, especially, I want to thank the League’s Past Presidents–and most especially, the League’s new Immediate Past President, Mayor Colleen Mahr of Fanwood. You have left your mark there, and I am grateful for your stewardship of the League and for your advocacy on behalf of us all. The League is what it is today because of your principled dedication, and because of the guidance given by those who came before you. Having seen you in action, I am inspired to do all that I can to make the very best of this new opportunity to serve.

I want to build on the work of my predecessors to make our collective voices a stronger force for better policies in the State Capital. And I encourage more of you to get more involved by regularly letting your legislators and the Governor know about our priorities.

I plan on listening to your thoughts, your visions, and your concerns about the state of local affairs today, and about how we, together, can build a better future for our State and for our League of Municipalities. And I hope you know that I am open to your suggestions.

I intend to use the strong foundation that has been left by my predecessors to raise this League of Municipalities to greater heights. And I want you all to join me in that, so that, along with the untiring efforts of our League staff, we can more ably represent and serve your interests by giving you the tools you need to make your hometowns the best that they can possibly be.  

I also want to express my continuing gratitude to my home team in my hometown of Hardwick, the Township Committee members, Mayor Kevin Duffy and Deputy Mayor Al Carrazzone, who at 93 years young is still going strong serving our community and also the professional staff that do so much to faithfully serve the people of Hardwick.

I’m humbled by your trust. I’m grateful for this opportunity. And I’m eager to get started.

Thank you, and have a safe and Happy Holidays