Mayors Committee on Life Sciences


Since its formation in 2010, the Mayors Committee on Life Sciences (a joint endeavor of the New Jersey State League of Municipalities and We Work for Health New Jersey) has worked to promote economic development and innovation, educate legislators, policy makers and the public about the importance of the life sciences industry to New Jersey and its local communities, and benchmarked best practices within host communities that help grow and nurture the industry.

It is important for all New Jerseyans to recognize the importance of the Life Science industry and help preserve its ability to discover new life-saving treatments and cures. We must continue to advocate for policies that will grow and nurture the state’s largest economic driver, the biopharmaceutical industry. We hope you will support this endeavor by joining the Mayor’s Committee on Life Sciences. Click to view the sign-up form and membership information (PDF).

Biopharmaceutical Impact

While the positive economic impact of the biopharmaceutical and medical device industry on New Jersey is widely publicized, many are less aware of the impact the industry has on local communities. From the local property taxes paid by the company, to the local commerce generated by its employees, to the philanthropic contributions made to a town’s civic and charitable organizations, municipalities derive many positive benefits from New Jersey’s life science industry. Mayors of towns that host life sciences companies know first-hand the important role their facilities and employees play in supporting the local economy and the municipal budget. Other mayors recognize the value of encouraging these companies to expand and establish facilities within their communities.

The economic footprint of the biopharmaceutical industry can be measured not only by the traditional indicators of employment and output, but also in part by its impact on the vendors, large and small, that provide services or supplies to America’s biopharmaceutical research companies. We hope you will join our mission to grow and advance New Jersey’s life science industry by joining the Mayors Committee on Life Sciences. Working together as a community, we create opportunities and share from the collective successes of the industry.

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For more information, please contact Lucy Montgomery, State Director for We Work For Health New Jersey (WWFH-NJ). Lucy can be reached at 215-766-7951 or via email.

News & Events

Patient Courage Award Program

In 2017, the Mayors Committee on Life Sciences launched the Patient Courage Award, an initiative designed to highlight the many inspiring patients in New Jersey. The program recognizes remarkable individuals who have triumphed over adversity despite difficulties due to a serious illness or chronic disease. All New Jersey mayors (not just members of the Committee) are invited to nominate patients from their municipalities who have positively impacted the lives of others through their attitude, actions and advocacy. The Committee will showcase these patients as extraordinary examples of courage, and give them and their families a platform to inspire and educate others about their experiences.

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