What Our Readers are Saying

"Recently we successfully purchased recycling barrels from a vendor that we found in the League’s magazine. Because the contract fell below the bid threshold, we were able to contact them directly for a quote. Our experience with the vendor was excellent, timely and convenient. Frequently our municipality receives cold sales calls, usually at inopportune times. It was far simpler to look at an issue of NJ Municipalities and find a potential supplier when we needed one."

Bob Shannon, Former Municipal Administrator (Retired), Wyckoff

"As an elected official for 11 years and a member of the League Executive Board, I trust NJLM as an organization that has my municipality’s best interested in mind. The resources the organization provides are first-rate. The content featured in its monthly magazine NJ Municipalities includes regular updates and original thinking that keeps me well-informed on what is happening through our state."

Tom Bianco, Mayor, Clayton

"We currently utilize a vendor based on an ad that we found in NJ Municipalities magazine, and have done so for over 5 years. Once we saw their ad and discovered the potential for estimated savings at our municipal buildings, we contacted them immediately to learn more."

Andrew J. Casais, Chief Administrative Officer, Roselle Park