Our Audience

NJ Municipalities is the official magazine of the New Jersey State League of Municipalities, a century old and trusted organization that is relied on by its local government membership.

An award-winning magazine, NJ Municipalities is an information source for New Jersey's local government organizations and officials. The magazine is available in both print and digital formats by subscription. Subscriptions reach 96% of New Jersey's municipalities within all 21 counties. 

NJ Municipalities has won both the APEX Award for Publication Excellence and the MarCom Gold Award for Honoring Excellence in Marketing and Communications. With over 6,355 readers, advertising in NJ Municipalities keeps your brand in front of local government decision makers all year.

Advertising Copy & Reservation Deadlines

  • October 2018: August 28
  • November 2018: September 26
  • December 2018: October 25
  • January 2019: December 3
  • February 2019: December 27
  • March 2019: February 1
  • April 2019: March 1
  • May 2019: April 1
  • June 2019: May 1

New for 2018! Include Your Ad in League Emails

Advertisers may now include an advertisement in League email alerts to the League’s General Opt-In List and Municipal Clerks list: 2,900+ recipients.

Program Specifics

  • Ads are included in 4 emails per month, sent the same months that your print ad appears in the magazine, and includes an active link to your website;
  • Ads can be an image or text (your choice);
  • Open to print contracts reserving a minimum of:
    • 3 insertion months;
    • ½ page ad or larger size (3 or more times);
  • Cost: $500 one-time fee.