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UpFront: Smart Infrastructure

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Planning Infrastructure

Smart infrastructure begins with a smart plan

We hear a lot of buzz these days about “smart infrastructure.” And rightly so. The opportunities to apply technology to improve the efficiency of infrastructure, respond in real-time to user demand, and receive early
indications of maintenance needs are seemingly endless; consider:

• Parking meters that charge variable prices depending on the time of day and demand.

• Stormwater infrastructure that uses weather prediction data to prepare systems for the next big rain event.

• Sensors built into roads that improve winter road management by sensing when to time salt or other de-icing materials or lower speed limits.

• Apps that allow residents to report new potholes from their phones.

• Smart metering on water and sewer infrastructure that rovides real time data on usage and leak detection.This all sounds great. Saving money and improving services leads to happier residents. Bring it on.

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Featured Article

UpFront: Smart Infrastructure

Stormwater Utilities in New Jersey

Coming to a town near you?

New Jersey municipalities have been building and operating stormwater systems for many
decades, using property taxes and developer contributions. Some have very active programs, while others are reactive. Some have complex systems, while others don’t.

After a decade or so of legislative consideration, New Jersey
now has become one of more than 40 states that authorize fee based
stormwater utilities. What does that mean for our state? How will this new law change local operations? The most important point is that no municipality is required
to do anything. Most municipalities will decide that business as
usual is just fine for them. However, some municipalities will
find this law to be of tremendous value.

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Gateway Program: Not Just a Commuter Issue

Each month a Member OpEd is featured.

This month's contributor is Clarence E. Anthony, CEO and Executive Director, National League of Cities, and is titled: “Rebuilding America’s Infrastructure is a Local-Federal Partnership”. Below are the first two paragraphs of this month’s OpEd:

The Gateway Program, which includes construction of a new Hudson River tunnel and replacement of the Portal North Bridge, is described as the most important infrastructure program in the country. That statement hits especially close to home for many New Jersey municipalities with residents and businesses dependent on safe and efficient travel in and out of New York. And, this is not just a commuter issue.

There really is no time to waste. The existing 107-year-old tunnel, badly damaged by Superstorm Sandy, is the only passenger rail link connecting New Jersey to Manhattan and in desperate need of repair. The 103-year old Portal Bridge repeatedly malfunctions and is unable to close after boats pass, causing major train delays and worse, cancellations. The impact to NJ commuters simply trying to get to work and home again has caused many to reconsider where to buy a home or locate a business. This is certainly a frustrating experience, but would pale in comparison to the catastrophic conditions that would result if even one tube in the tunnel is forced to shut down for emergency repairs. Further, Amtrak has already announced that each of the tunnel tubes will need to be closed for a year within the next 15 to 20 years for extensive repairs.

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