Local Elected Officials Leadership Program


Program Details

The League is proud to offer a voluntary recognition program that recognizes Elected Governing Body Members who complete additional training and advocacy. The program has three tiers; Municipal Leader, Municipal Innovator, Municipal Pioneer. Each tier has an assigned number of points. Once an Elected Governing Body Member has earned the required points they are awarded one of these tiers. The award will be a certificate of competition mailed to them and recognition during the Orientation Session at the Annual Conference in Atlantic City.

Participation in this program is completely voluntary.

Participants can begin earning points starting in January 2019.

Leadership Levels:

  • Municipal Leader (25 points) - Certificate is awarded
  • Municipal Innovator (50 points) - Certificate is awarded
  • Municipal Pioneer (75 points) - Certificate and pin are awarded

How to Achieve Leadership Levels

Elected Governing Body Members can achieve each level by attending training, seminars, writing articles for the magazine, and advocating for municipal interests. When an Elected Governing Body Member has completed a program they will receive a certificate of completion indicating the points earned. Once an Elected Governing Body Member has acquired the necessary amount of points, they can send in copies of their certificates and the online application form and will receive a certificate in the mail. They will also be recognized during the League’s Orientation session on Tuesday at the Annual League Conference (officials who submit application forms after September 1 will be recognized at the next year’s Annual League Conference).

Participants are required to keep track of the points earned and their certificates.

Required Activities

The two training classes below are required:

  1. Orientation for Newly, Re-Elected, or Experienced - 5 points
  2. Budgeting For Newly Elected Officials - 5 points

Elective Classes

Participants may choose what they wish to attend out of the list below.

  • Core Issue Class - 5 points each
    (Selected topics will be offered at the Annual League Conference and rotate from year to year. Additional topics may be added.):
    • Ethics for Elected Officials
    • OPRA and OPMA for Elected Officials
    • Forms of Government
    • Review of Administrative Code
    • Labor Primer for Elected Officials
    • Purchasing and Procurement Law
    • Planning and Zoning Primer
    • Administrative and Management
  • Elective Activities - 3 points each
    • Engage in Advocacy Efforts (League Legislative Committee, Resolutions) Email Mike Cerra, Executive Director for more information.
    • Attend up to 2 League Professional Development Webinars or Seminars (please retain your certificate of attendance).
    • Submit an article for NJ Municipalities magazine: view  the magazine’s editorial calendar and article submission guidelines.