Best Practices

Format Posts to Best Fit each Platform’s Individual Standards

For example, on Facebook you may include information for an event in paragraph form, but Twitter limits you to 140 characters. Do not post the information the same way across platforms; personalize the message for each platform so that it best fits with that platform’s format.

Keep it Short

If your post is too long, people will be less likely to read it. Provide the basics and link to the information on your website where you can provide more details.

Use Hashtags

Hashtags define a keyword or topic of interest, and users may search by hashtag to find posts related to a topic. Using hashtags can increase the number of people viewing your posts. Hashtags are a popular way to search for hot topics. Be sure to look for existing hashtags that are already being used on social media before creating a new one.

Keep Promoting the Existence of Your Account

Continue to promote your account so that continue to gain new followers.

Use Images, Infographics & Videos

Use images to grab attention. Infographics are great for posting longer and more detailed messages. Videos are another great option, but be sure to include subtitles so that the videos are ADA compliant. Also, currently there is a trend for users to watch the videos in their feed with the sound off.

Utilize a Service that Links Multiple Accounts on 1 Dashboard

There are online services available to help manage multiple accounts and schedule posts from one dashboard. Some companies offer this service for free and some are paid. Do your research to see which works best for you.

Shorten Links

Shorten website links using a service such as