Annual Conference Resolutions

Is there a topic that you think the League should be considering because it will improve local government, or it addresses an issue effecting local governance? Every year the League invites local officials to submit resolutions. Resolutions are reviewed by League staff, and when selected, presented at the Resolutions Committee meeting during the Annual League Conference for review by the committee.

Copies of all the resolutions before the Resolutions Committee may be requested by emailing Frank Marshall.

Help Shape the League's Legislative Goals 

Several avenues exist to help shape and create legislative priorities and guide the future goals of our association. It is important for mayors and elected officials throughout the State to submit proposed resolutions to the League to alert the association of the needs of its membership. 

Who Can Submit a Resolution?

Any elected officials currently in municipal office.

What Happens After a Resolution is Submitted?

Submitted proposals are reviewed by the Conference Resolutions Committee, who will meet on Tuesday, during the Annual League Conference week in Atlantic City. Resolution sponsors are required to attend this meeting to support their proposals. While only Resolution Committee members can vote on the proposed resolutions, the meeting is open to all Conference registrants. 

Who is on the Resolutions Committee?

The Resolutions Committee is comprised of elected officials, representatives from each League Affiliate group, and municipal professionals. Members of the committee are appointed by the League President.

The Resolutions Committee does not draft resolutions, but they can amend resolutions presented to them.

Submission Steps

  1. Topic suggestions: Submit a topic suggestion and the League will review and potentially assist with drafting a resolution for the topic proposed. Topic suggestions are accepted throughout the year.
  2. Submit your proposed resolution by the third Friday of October. 
    1. Any resolution which contains a reference to the Revised Statutes or to any other material, must have attached to it a copy of the material referred to.
    2. It is required that every resolution have a sponsor and co-sponsor, and their names and addresses must appear on all resolutions.
  3. After the League has reviewed the proposal or topic, a staff member will contact you to alert you that the proposal is moving forward. If contacted, it is important that you, or a designee, attend the Resolutions Committee meeting on Tuesday during the Annual League Conference in Atlantic City to answer any of the committee's questions.

  4. If the proposal moves past the Resolutions Committee meeting, it will be necessary for the sponsor/co-sponsor or their designee to also attend the Annual League Business meeting on Thursday during the Annual League Conference week in Atlantic City, to again answer any questions before voting occurs.

Previously Adopted Resolutions