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Legislative Staff

The League's legislative staff are constantly working for the League's membership by monitoring Legislative Committee meetings, reviewing lists of bills and staying current on local news to better understand the needs of League member municipalities. Staff provides the League's Legislative Committee with a background on proposed legislation at routine meetings to develop the League's positions on bills.

  1. Looking Ahead to Lame Duck: Marijuana Legalization Back Again?

    Based on news word-of-mouth reports, the bill to legalize adult use of recreational marijuana may again see action in the “lame duck,” the period after the election and before the end of this legislative term in January. Read on...
  2. Looking Ahead to Lame Duck: Path to Progress' Pension Hybrid Plan

    Senate President Sweeney and Senators Oroho and O’Scanlon introduced S-3753, establishing cash balance plans in PERS/TPAF for new public employees/employees with less than 5 years of service and changes PERS and TPAF retirement eligibility. Read on...
  3. Recap of September PFRS Board Meeting

    At the Sept. 9 PFRS board meeting the Board considered the creditable compensation of three Atlantic City police officers. The Board also approved a Memorandum of Understanding with Division of Investments for ethic compliance for PFRS staff. Read on...
  4. Lame Duck Preview: Supporting Telecommunications Legislation

    The League fully supports A-5450/S-3827 clarifying telecommunications industry corporate tax responsibilities. Please pass the League’s model resolution urging support for this important initiative and send copies to your State Legislators. Read on...
  5. Looking Forward: NJ Legislature

    The time between Labor Day and the election should be a slow legislative period in New Jersey. With all 80 seats on the ballot in November, the Assembly is not expected to quorum again until after the election. We do expect some Senate meetings, however. Read on...
  6. Murphy Returns Tax Incentive Bills With Suggestions

    Governor Phil Murphy has issued a conditional veto (CV) of S-3901, returning the bill to the Legislature with recommended changes to reform the state’s tax incentive programs. Read on...
  7. Gov. Vetoes Digital Parking Meter Monitoring

    Governor Murphy vetoed A-4135, which would have authorized the State or a local government to use a digital parking meter or other electronic parking compliance device to monitor parking compliance within its jurisdiction. Read on...
  8. NJ Violence Intervention Program Bill Conditionally Vetoed

    On August 23 Governor Murphy conditionally vetoed S-3309, which would have established the New Jersey Violence Intervention Program (NJVIP). Read on...
  9. Contaminated Site Remediation Bill Signed

    Governor Murphy on Friday signed into law A-5293 (now, P.L.2019, c.263) which changes laws governing the remediation of contaminated sites. Read on...
  10. New Law Requires Property Tax Relief Info on Tax Bills

    Governor Murphy signed into law P.L. 2019, c.186, which requires property tax bills printed on or after September 17, 2019, including that State property tax relief program information is available on the New Jersey Division of Taxation’s website. Read on...
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