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The League's legislative staff are constantly working for the League's membership by monitoring Legislative Committee meetings, reviewing lists of bills and staying current on local news to better understand the needs of League member municipalities. Staff provides the League's Legislative Committee with a background on proposed legislation at routine meetings to develop the League's positions on bills.

  1. Bridge Budget Bill Introduced

    A-3 has been introduced, including supplemental appropriations that will permit state spending to bridge the gap between the usual end of the Fiscal Year, on June 30, and this year’s final day, September 30. It would appropriate $298.6 million in CMPTRA. Read on...
  2. New Law Provides Local Units with Flexibility to Waive Penalties on Overdue Sewer or Water Charges

    Gov. Murphy signed into law A-4126 (now, P.L.2020, c.39), giving municipalities, counties, and utility authorities the ability to waive interest and lien enforcement for certain delinquent water and sewer utility payments during emergency circumstances. Read on...
  3. Assembly Approves Bill Decriminalizing Small Amounts of Marijuana

    The Assembly passed A-1897, which aims to decriminalize marijuana and promote awareness of the expungement process. The bill would replace arrests for possessing up to two ounces of marijuana or hashish with a civil fine of $50. Read on...
  4. NJLM Delivers COVID_19 Requests to Congressional Delegation

    The New Jersey League of Municipalities delivered letters to Senators Menendez and Booker and all Members of New Jersey’s delegation in the House of Representatives. Read on...
  5. Legislature Focuses on State Three-Month Budget Plan

    The Assembly Budget Committee heard testimony from the OLS’ Budget and Finance Officer Haines and State Treasurer Muoio regarding Gov. Murphy’s proposed plan that will govern State spending during the extended Fiscal Year. Read on...
  6. Gov. Signs Legislation Setting 2020 Tax Appeal Date

    Governor Murphy signed A-4157, extending the property tax appeal deadline to from July 1 and provides the County Board of Taxation until September 30 to render a decision on a tax appeal. The deadline only applies to this year’s tax appeals. Read on...
  7. Your Action Needed on COVID-19 Bonding

    We request that you contact your State Senator urging them to support S-2475 , a much-needed tool for local governments in an unprecedented time with a loss of revenue that will not be recaptured for several years, if ever. Read on...
  8. Gov. Signs States of Emergency Law Addressing Timeframes & Deadlines

    Gov. Murphy signed A-3969/S-2392 into law. P.L. 2020, c. 34 provides for local government flexibility with regard to various timeframes, deadlines, and other statutory requirements during times of emergencies. Read on...
  9. Call to Action: Assembly Passes A-3971

    The Assembly passed A-3971 authorizing the issuance of “coronavirus relief bonds” by municipalities and counties. S-2475 awaits consideration by a Senate committee. Please urge your State Senator to support this tool for local governments Read on...
  10. 2020 Tax Appeal Date Bill Awaits Gov's Signature

    The legislature unanimously approved A-4157/S-2387, extending the statutory deadline to file a property tax appeal from May 1, 2020 to July 1, 2020 and provides the County Board of Taxation until September 30, 2020 to render a decision on a tax appeal. Read on...
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