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Legislative Staff

The League's legislative staff are constantly working for the League's membership by monitoring Legislative Committee meetings, reviewing lists of bills and staying current on local news to better understand the needs of League member municipalities. Staff provides the League's Legislative Committee with a background on proposed legislation at routine meetings to develop the League's positions on bills.

  1. Bill to Clarify Tax Responsibilities

    Relying on a misreading of a 1997 law, Verizon claims that it can exempt itself from the payment of business personal property taxes (BPPT), in certain circumstances. The League supports legislation that clarifies BPPT. Read on...
  2. Municipal Liability Bill Corrections Bill Approved

    Earlier this week the Assembly Judiciary Committee reported A-5392 out of committee, readying the bill for second reading in the Assembly. A-5392 establishes the same sexual abuse liability standards for public entities as for non-profit organizations. Read on...
  3. Legislation Introduced to Implement Path to Progress Recommendations

    Senate President Sweeney and Sen. Oroho announced a 27-bill package implementing some Path to Progress Report recommendations. Sweeney also announced plans to move pension and health benefit reforms by end of June via Gov. Murphy or public question. Read on...
  4. Property Tax Relief Restoration Bill Moves Forward

    The Senate Community and Urban Affairs Committee advanced S-51. The legislation has been a long-time League priority. Read on...
  5. PILOT Sharing Bill Advances

    The Senate State Government Committee also advanced S-59, which requires municipalities to share certain payments in lieu of taxes (PILOT) with counties and school districts and informs counties and school districts of urban renewal applications. Read on...
  6. Gov. Signs Sexual Abuse Suit Extension Bill

    Gov. Murphy signed into law S-477, which extended the statute of limitations in civil actions for sexual abuse claims. That same day, legislators introduced S-3739/A-5392 which seeks to rectify the flaw with S-477 concerning the standard of liability. Read on...
  7. League Supports Transportation Alternatives Bill

    NJLM and the NLC support the Transportation Alternatives Enhancements Act (S. 1098) introduced by Senators Ben Cardin (D-MD) and Roger Wicker (R-MS). This bipartisan bill improves on the Transportation Alternatives Program (TAP). Read on...
  8. Governor Signs League-Supported ‘Vicious Dog’ Standards Bill

    Governor Phil Murphy signed S-1923 into law (P.L. 2019, Chapter 82). The League supported this carefully crafted bill, which refines the criteria, to be used by a municipal court, to determine whether a dog is vicious or potentially dangerous. Read on...
  9. Small Municipality Economic Development Proposal Gains Traction

    The NJ Senate unanimously approved S-2256 establishing the "Main Street Assistance Program" to provide financial and technical assistance to businesses located in the Main Street area within small municipalities. Read on...
  10. Final Vote on Marijuana Legalization Set for Monday, March 25

    The Assembly Appropriations and the Senate Judiciary Committees amended and approved bills legalizing the adult use of recreational marijuana, expanding NJ's medical marijuana program, and streamlining the expungement process. Votes are set for March 25. Read on...
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