New Jersey Municipalities Magazine

Edited with the busy local official in mind, the League's monthly magazine is a source of new ideas and information on state and local programs.

Educational Manual

The pages of New Jersey Municipalities can serve as a information resource for local officials, whether they are mayors, governing body members, or administrative and professional members of the municipal management team. Articles span the broad spectrum of local administration with ideas and useful information. Material of interest to the rural community in South Jersey will appear in the same issue with an article explaining a large municipality's program in North Jersey.

Balanced Issues

Articles reach the pages of New Jersey Municipalities only if they will benefit other communities or officials. The issues are editorially balanced so that a year's subscription will bring articles of interest to all officials.

Readers of the magazine also know that much of its value goes far beyond the feature articles and columns appearing each month. Every issue carries notices of upcoming meetings, announcements of training courses and administrative directives from state agencies, as well as advertisements from suppliers of municipal products and services.

Through its monthly editorials, New Jersey Municipalities continues to articulate municipal reactions to developments and to crusade for municipal needs.

Issues of New Jersey Municipalities are circulated to over 6,300 local officials, state administrators, and libraries each month.