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1. Who exhibits at the Annual League Conference?
2. Who attends the Annual League Conference?
3. What are the exhibit hours?
4. How do I reserve a booth?
5. What is the deadline to reserve a booth?
6. Do you accept credit cards?
7. Do I need to pay the full amount or the deposit amount?
8. Is there a discount for reserving multiple booths?
9. Are all the booths the same price?
10. What is included with a standard 10'x10' booth?
11. Can I fax or email my contract?
12. When are booths assigned?
13. If booths aren’t assigned until May should I just wait to send in my contract so I know what is “open”?
14. How do I request a specific booth?
15. What exhibits display in the “Heavy Equipment” section?
16. What if the booth I want is already assigned to another exhibitor?