Annual Report

2022 Annual Report of the Executive Director - Michael F. Cerra

This report intends, on annual basis, to both look back at the year behind us and to look forward to what is ahead. The 107th Conference did precisely that: look to learn lessons from the past and look forward to prepare for what is ahead. “Building for Tomorrow” begins at the local level, where our elected and appointed officials act in to further the interests of their constituents.

Here at the League, we seek to help you do your job. We educate. We advocate. We are an information resource for you. The last two-and-a-half years have provided a lifetime of challenges, but also a lifetime of opportunities. Change and adapting to the “new normal” (whatever that may be) may be done out of necessity, but it should also be done with purpose. And it should be done with one eye looking back and one eye looking forward.

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View the most recent Annual Report (PDF).

Membership & Finance

The League is completing its 105th year of service to the municipalities of New Jersey. Our membership currently includes 564 municipalities in the State of New Jersey.

The League’s fiscal year runs from July 1 to June 30. The budget under which the League is currently operating is set forth in these documents.