Grant Resource Center - Private Foundations & Universities

  1. 1772 Foundation: The preservation and restoration of historical entities.

  2. Alliance for Children & Families

  3. American Humane Association

  4. American Library Association: Listing of grants and fellowships relevant to libraries.

  5. Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation: Grants awarded for global health, education and global libraries.

  6. The Blakemore Foundation: Encourages the study and understanding of Asian languages and Asian fine arts.

  7. Blue Moon Fund: Mission is to build human and natural resilience to a changing and warming world, using natural, social and financial capital to implement new models in high-biodiversity regions around the world.

  8. Braitmayer Foundation: Interested in Kindergarten through 12th grade education.

  9. Brookdale Foundation: Interested in furthering the fields of gerontology and geriatrics.

  10. Captain Planet: Hands-on environmental projects for children.

  11. Center for Health and Health Care in Schools

  12. The Dana Foundation: Principal interests are in brain science, immunology and arts education.

  13. Emergency Nurses Association: Provides funding for research advancing the specialized practice of emergency nursing.

  14. F.M. Kirby Foundation

  15. The Fund for New Jersey: This foundation provides for education, advocacy, public policy analysis and community problem solving.

  16. Fund for Wild Nature: Interested in funding action for wildlife, rivers, wilderness and the places that support the interdependent life that sustains our planet.

  17. Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation: Foundation focuses on education and on the lives of children and the culture of schools, particularly public schools in New Jersey.

  18. Graffiti Hurts: Interested in helping communities start or add-on to a local graffiti prevention program, including one-time projects that have the potential to help reduce graffiti vandalism in the community.

  19. Graham Foundation: Interested in fostering the development and exchange of ideas about architecture and its role in the arts, culture and society.

  20. The Healthcare Foundation of New Jersey: Interested in the healthcare and wellness of vulnerable members of the greater Newark New Jersey area, as well as bringing healthcare to vulnerable Jewish residents in the MetroWest community of New Jersey.

  21. Housing and Community Development Network of New Jersey

  22. Jack Kent Cooke Foundation: Offers innovative grant programs for organizations serving high-achieving students with financial need.

  23. Megan Nicole Kanka Foundation: "Check 'Em Out" program; helps non-profit sports organizations in New Jersey pay for state and federal fingerprint checks on their coaches and managers.

  24. National Forest Foundation

  25. Needmor Fund: Creating social change.

  26. New York - New Jersey Estuary Program: Interested in the development and implementation of plans to protect, conserve and restore the estuary.

  27. Pathways Within, Inc.: Bi-annual book grant

  28. The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

  29. The Twenty-First Century Foundation: National and local programs that support black America.

  30. Victoria Foundation: Committed to strengthening community within Newark and protecting the environment throughout the State of New Jersey.

  31. Wild Ones: Seeds for Education.

  32. Youth Service America: Dedicated to supporting and motivating youth, teachers, service-learning coordinators and youth-serving organizations in planning and implementing projects for Global Youth Service Day and on-going service throughout the year.