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Annual Survey 2019

  1. Attention All Municipal Employees!

    Please complete the survey at your earliest convenience.

  2. Directions

    Please use a 1 (poor) to 4 (excellent) scale to answer the following questions.

  3. League Staff Rating

    Throughout the year, how would you rank the League Staff in the following areas?

  4. Availability

  5. Speed and Quality of Response

  6. Professional Demeanor

  7. Knowledge of Subject Matter

  8. 103rd Annual Conference

  9. The Atlantic City Convention Center and hotel accommodations were safe, convenient and sufficient

  10. The League education workshops/sessions were valuable for your municipality

  11. The information, education and networking opportunities the conference provided helps address problems or issues in your municipality

  12. Exhibits added to the value of the conference

  13. The shuttle bus service was a well coordinated, efficient and convenient transportation system

  14. The League staff was informative and responsive during the conference

  15. Did you utilize the Conference App?

  16. Do you utilize the Leagues social media (Twitter, Facebook and Legislative blog)?

  17. Membership Benefits & Services

  18. Have you used the League’s Ordinance and Shared Services Library (an online searchable library of sample documents) in the past 6 months?

  19. Have you purchased a League publication in the past year, (not including NJ Municipalities magazine)?

  20. How often do you use the League’s website ( to find information on municipal topics?

  21. Did you know that the League’s website ( has an events calendar that lists upcoming seminars and events?

  22. Do you subscribe to NJ Municipalities magazine?

  23. If you answered yes to the above question, do you save magazine issues after reading?

  24. In the last year, has your municipality found a service provider through the advertising placed in NJ Municipalities magazine?

  25. What would you like to read about in a League magazine?

    Check all that apply.

  26. Have you ever applied to a grant opportunity listed in the League’s Grant Resource Center?

  27. Do you attend the Educational Seminars the League provides?

  28. Please Specify

  29. Thank You!

    Thank you for taking time to complete this form. We know how busy you are and greatly appreciate your input. If you have any questions about this survey, or about the League itself, please contact Danielle Holland-Htut, Continuing Education/Special Programs Manager by calling 609-695-3481, ext. 118.

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