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Order Municipal Directory

  1. Municipal Directory Order Form

    Order copies of the League's Municipal Directory. This handy desktop reference guide contains the contact information for mayors, municipal clerks, managers/administrators, and attorneys across all 564 municipalities.

    A complimentary print copy is sent to every mayor and clerk in our member municipalities.

    You may also preorder a copy for next year by selecting that year in the form.


    Price to Public Officials: $35
    (Public Officials includes: municipal, state, and county entities, municipal/state authorities, and municipal libraries.)

    Price to all others: $45
    (This includes nonprofit associations, county libraries, and private businesses.) 

    Digital or Printed

    The Directory is available in both printed or electronic (PDF) formats.


    All orders must be prepaid - your copies will be mailed once payment has been received and the Directory has been published. The Directory is published each March.


    Dee Kotch, 609-695-3481 extension 115 or email Dee.

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