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Speaker Survey 2020

  1. Speaker Survey
    We'd like to gather some feedback from speakers and presiding mayors on your experience with the 2020 NJLM Virtual Conference. This feedback will help us to improve our communications in the future.
  2. Communication
  3. 5. This year all correspondence was sent via email. How do you prefer to receive speaker related communications?
  4. Pre-recordings
    For pre-recorded sessions only.
  5. 7. Do you feel that you would have been able to provide timelier information if it was a live broadcast instead of pre-recorded?
  6. Technology
  7. 8. Do you feel that the tech-check helped you prepare?
  8. During Conference Week
  9. 9. The day of your session's livestream, did you encounter any problems accessing your session?
  10. 10. Do you feel that you had enough time once you were let into the session from the waiting room before you went live on camera?
  11. Overall Experience
  12. Optional: Contact Information
    Let us know how to contact you should we have additional follow-up questions.
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