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2021 League Post-Conference Survey

  1. 2021 NJLM Annual Conference Email Header
  2. Please complete this survey to give us your feedback about how we are doing and what can be improved.
  3. On a scale of 1 (lowest) to 4 (highest) please rate your agreement with the following statements.
  4. The 106th Annual Conference was a valuable experience that I found worthwhile.
  5. The Convention Center is safe, convenient and sufficient.
  6. The League staff was informative, professional and responsive during the conference.
  7. The signage around the Convention Center was adequate and helpful.
  8. The CEU tracking system was easy to use.
  9. The Educational Sessions were worthwhile and the content was appropriate.
  10. The housing registration process was clear and concise.
  11. The shuttle bus service was well coordinated, efficient and convenient.
  12. The food and beverage amenities in the exhibit hall were adequate.
  13. The Exhibit Hall and Exhibitors provide valuable resources
  14. The Exhibitor Learning Sessions were beneficial
  15. Was this your first time attending the League’s Annual Conference?
  16. Did the Conference Previews provided in the League’s magazine, NJ Municipalities, provided assistance in planning for this year’s event
    1. Did the Health & Safety videos playing on the shuttle buses help to prepare you for the verification check-in process onsite?
      1. Did you receive the Conference Connections newsletter?
      2. Would you like to receive emails before Conference week to help you prepare?
      3. The printed version of the combined session and exhibitor program was a useful tool for navigating the Conference?
      4. Did You Utilize the Conference App
      5. If yes, how would you rate the Conference App?
      6. Do you plan on attending the 2022 Conference?
      7. Optional
      8. Optional
      9. Thank you for your input.
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