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2020 League Post-Conference Survey

  1. Please complete this survey to give us your feedback about how we are doing and what can be improved.
  2. On a scale of 1 (lowest) to 4 (highest) please rate your agreement with the following statements.
  3. The conference registration process and login were simple and straightforward.
  4. The conference sessions provided valuable information and takeaways.
  5. The speakers were knowledgeable and experts in their subjects.
  6. The exhibitors provided helpful resources and solutions.
  7. The 5 day virtual conference was sufficient for:
  8. Networking
  9. The Conference Sessions
  10. The Exhibit Hall
  11. Did you find the printed conference to be a valuable resource to help you navigate this Virtual Conference?
  12. Did you visit the exhibitors in the virtual exhibit hall?
  13. Did you attend a Networking Chatroom?
  14. Was this your first time attending the League’s Annual Conference?
  15. If yes, did you attend this year because you were able to attend from home/without the expense of traveling?
  16. How did you learn about the League’s Virtual Conference?
  17. Did this year’s virtual Conference fulfill your goals and objectives?
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  19. Optional
  20. Thank you for your input.
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