Who can answer my Conference questions while on site?

Wearing white staff ribbons on their badges, members of the League staff will be available at the Registration Center, at the League Booth, and at the Information Booth near the registration area on the second level. 

Don’t hesitate to ask for assistance.

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1. What are the dates for the next Annual League Conference?
2. Where is the Annual League Conference located?
3. When will the preliminary program be available?
4. Can I use my mobile phone during the Conference?
5. How can I obtain a copy of a presenter's presentation?
6. Will my photo be taken during the Conference?
7. Are there accommodations for those with disabilities & requiring special assistance?
8. Will child care be provided during the Conference?
9. Who can answer my Conference questions while on site?
10. Where can I get medical assistance?
11. Where can I get a meal or snack at the Conference?
12. Where can I park for the Conference?
13. How can I get to the Conference while in Atlantic City?
14. Is there a coat room?
15. Is there a Conference App?
16. Where is the Conference Information Desk located?
17. Where can I send and receive FedEx and UPS and get other business supplies?
18. Is there a hashtag for social media about the League Conference?