Why is talking about tax relief important?

The amount of property tax relief funding that municipalities get from the State - the vast majority of which is raised from the Income Tax and from utility taxes that were formerly collected by municipalities - directly affects the level of public services in your community and the amount of property taxes that you pay.

When your property tax bill goes up and municipal services don’t meet your needs, ask your State Legislators and the Governor if the State is providing your home town with adequate financial aid. Municipal property tax relief funding can help to pay for the local services you need and can keep your property taxes from going up - again.

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1. Why is talking about tax relief important?
2. How is the responsibility for taxing and spending divided between the State and local governments in New Jersey?
3. Why do New Jersey local governments need funding from the State?
4. Why do you call it “municipal property tax relief” and not “State aid”?
5. What about user fees?
6. That leaves property taxes and property tax relief funding from the State. What is the deal with State funding?
7. How does New Jersey’s property tax burden compare with other States?
8. Can cutting local budgets reduce property taxes?
9. Can local governments hold down the costs of public services?
10. How can the State provide needed relief to local governments and, more importantly, to property taxpayers?