Important Alerts & Warnings

Many exhibitors have received emails and phone calls from various companies soliciting housing, attendee lists, etc. These companies are NOT affiliated with the League and are NOT authorized by the League to contact exhibitors. Do not reply to these requests. 

Many of these companies retrieve your public information from the interactive floor plan and may even contact the main company number to obtain your name and direct line or email. Your personal contact information is never posted online by the League and is only shared with the service providers authorized with the League.

The companies "pirating' these bogus "services" pose a threat to the conference industry as they disrupt the process and cause confusion with exhibitors. Their goal is to scam exhibitors and attendees and to have them purchase fraudulent lists or book rooms that may not in fact ever be reserved. 

All official League correspondence will be sent directly from the League via this email newsletter, direct email, direct mail or a phone call. If any correspondence is received from an unsolicited source, please unsubscribe and do not respond to any of their inquiries.

Official League Conference providers are listed in the Exhibitor Service Manual and on the League website. These companies have been vetted by the League and offer legitimate products and services.

Please contact Kristin Lawrence directly if you have any questions or concerns.