League Phone List

Important Numbers

  • League Office: 609-695-3481
  • League General and Legislative Fax: 609-695-0151
  • League Exhibit, Bookkeeping and Legal Fax: 609-695-5156

See the full staff phone and email listing.

Methods of Contact

There are no formal procedures involved in getting information or assistance from the League office. Merely telephone, email, or write—whichever is most convenient. You will receive prompt, knowledgeable attention to your problem. And remember—the membership dues, which your municipality pays, entitle you to use the League's information services at no extra cost, with the exception of small charges for the magazine and special reports. The League was created to serve local officials. It is your organization, your partnership. Take advantage of your membership.

After Hours Contact

After hours, you can leave a voice message for most staff members by dialing their extension, or leave a general message by following the prompts. To email staff: use the first initial of first name and complete last name (e.g., "mdarcy" which is part of Michael Darcy's email address if you click, you will see the email populated in your email service).