Mailing Labels

Mailing lists are available on pressure sensitive labels or via email in Excel format. Orders are sent two days after receiving payment (or PO).

Available Lists

Lists can be sorted by zip code or municipality. Each list and approximate number of labels on each list are as follows:

  • Mayors – 564 labels
  • Municipal Clerks – 564 labels
  • Managers and Administrators – 433 labels
  • Municipal Attorneys – 564 labels
  • Combination list – 564 labels (consists of Managers/Administrators, or Clerks if the municipality does not have a Manager/Administrator).

Please note: Mayors’ names and addresses can be downloaded free on NJDCA’s website.

Conditions for Use

  • A copy or draft of the material being mailed must be included with each order.
  • If the mailing is for a conference, the dates, location and contact person must be included with the order.
  • All lists/labels are for limited use, for one-time mailing only, and may not be copied or used by anyone other than the original purchaser.
  • Orders must be prepaid by check, or for government agencies, by purchase order.
  • NJLM reserves the right to deny requests which would be used to mail material which we consider unsuitable, in poor taste, misleading or in opposition to League policies and positions.

Current Pricing

  • Magazine Advertisers: 
    • Display Ads – Those who spend at least the cost of a full page ad during one contract are permitted one set of each list per contract period at a cost of $55 per list; $100 additional for electronic format (total $155).
    • Business Directory Ads - One set of each list per contract period at a cost of $172 per list. Add $100 for electronic format.
  • Independent Businesses & Groups: One list of each position per 12-month period, $800 per list.  Add $100 for electronic format.
  • Exhibitors at the Annual League Conference: One list of each position per 12-month period, $55 per list. Add $100 for electronic format.
  • Municipalities in New Jersey: As needed, $25 per list. No charge ($0) for electronic format.
  • League Affiliated Groups: As needed $25 per list. $25 for electronic format.
    Associations with non-profit members: As needed $55.00 per list. Add $100 for electronic format.