Finance Center

  • Budget Process Overview (PDF): The Finance Center is a column that regularly appears in the League's magazine, New Jersey Municipalities. This column is titled "Budget Process Overview" and appeared in the December 2016 issue.
  • Department of Treasury's Cooperative Purchasing Program: A link to the State's Cooperative Purchasing Program, through which specific State contracts are eligible to local buying units.
  • Purchase & Property: The Department of Treasury's Division of Purchase and Property website.
  • Procurement Guide (PDF): Published by the Governmental Purchasing Association of New Jersey (GPANJ), basic guidelines of the everyday purchasing process.
  • Governmental Purchasing Association of New Jersey (GPANJ): League members with questions about purchasing, or to view samples, please have your purchasing agent contact the GPANJ. The GPANJ is an affiliate organization that works with the League; an organization whose membership consists of purchasing agents from municipalities, school boards, counties, authorities, and other government entities.
  1. DLGSA Extends CY 2020 Budget Deadlines

    DLGS has issued LFN 2019-16 regarding 2020 CY Budget matters, including the Transitional Aid Application process, health benefits cap, municipal aid, local examination, and deadline extensions. Read on...
  2. State Releases $114M in Transitional Aid Funding

    The Department of the Treasury released $114 million out of a total of $235 million held in abeyance. Just under $54 million in Transitional Aid goes to funding the DCA, half of the $105 million that had been reserved in July. Read on...
  3. Governor Freezes Most Transition Aid

    NJLM has confirmed that among the $235 million impounded from the 2020 State budget by Gov. Murphy, is almost $105 million in transitional aid. Transitional aid is awarded to help municipalities in serious fiscal distress meet immediate budgetary needs. Read on...
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