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  • Presenting your local budget to the public. Samples from Summit, Franklin Lakes, and Madison.
  • Budget Process Overview (PDF): The Finance Center is a column that regularly appears in the League’s magazine, New Jersey Municipalities. This column is titled "Budget Process Overview" and appeared in the December 2016 issue.
  • Department of Treasury’s Cooperative Purchasing Program: A link to the State’s Cooperative Purchasing Program, through which specific State contracts are eligible to local buying units.
  • Purchase & Property: The Department of Treasury’s Division of Purchase and Property website.
  • Procurement Guide (PDF): Published by the Governmental Purchasing Association of New Jersey (GPANJ), basic guidelines of the everyday purchasing process.
  • Governmental Purchasing Association of New Jersey (GPANJ): League members with questions about purchasing, or to view samples, please have your purchasing agent contact the GPANJ. The GPANJ is an affiliate organization that works with the League; an organization whose membership consists of purchasing agents from municipalities, school boards, counties, authorities, and other government entities.
  1. CY 2020/SFY2021 State Aid Remains Flat

    DLGS has issued Local Finance Notice 2020-08. No municipality will receive less total State formula aid in CY2020/FY2021 than it received last year. However, the Division does note that the proposed budget serves as a guide for SFY municipalities. Read on...
  2. State Freezes Spending

    State Treasurer Muoio issued a new voluntary disclosure statement to bond holders. It provides detail on the potential impacts COVID-19 may have on the State’s finances, including revenue collection and pension fund contributions. Read on...
  3. Guidance on Budget Deadline Extension, Levy Cap Exemption, and Tax Bills

    In response to COVID-19 the Division of Local Government Services issued Local Finance Notice 2020-07 providing emergency budget, levy cap exemption, tax bill and depositing fund guidance. Read on...
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