Sesssion Basics

Length of Sessions

Sessions will be 75 minutes in length. The pre-recorded content of the session will be 60 minutes in length, and the session will end with a 15 minute live Q&A. For details on how long your individual presentation should be, please contact the League staff member responsible for coordinating your session.

Recording Process

Sessions will be pre-recorded and then aired during a livestream at a designated time during Conference week (unless your League staff member has indicated otherwise, sessions will be pre-recorded). 

In September, League staff will begin contacting panelists to set-up a time to record sessions. All sessions will be recorded during the month of October. All panelists will be present virtually during the recording to record sessions together. Recordings will be virtual, and can be done from any location as long as you have the basic system requirements.

After the recording is complete, you may view recordings, however, you will not be able to make any edits or re-record sessions or portions of the session. If something should change between the recording of a session and its livestream, or if you notice a mistake, this can be addressed during the live Q&A portion of the session during Conference week.

Tech Checks

Tech checks will be provided for all panelists before the scheduled time to pre-record a session. League staff will reach out with a calendar link, and ask panelists to schedule their individual tech checks at their convenience. During the check, panelists will test equipment and connection speeds with someone from the recording company. Checks will last approximately 15 minutes.

Platform Tips

A PDF provided by the virtual platform vendor, this procedures guide (PDF) provides Information on tech checks, the recording process, and day of event procedures.


The livestream refers to the live airing of the session, which includes playing the pre-recorded content and a live Q&A portion. The livestream of the session will take place as indicated on the session schedule during Conference week. To participate in the Q&A, all panelists must be present during the livestream.

Day of Event Procedures

Information on what to expect the day of the livestream can be found in this procedures guide (PDF).

Dress Code

The suggested dress code is business casual, or business attire.


In 2020, speaker information and communication will be sent via email. No hard copy confirmation letters will be mailed. Please be sure to check your spam filters to ensure that you receive all communication. If at any time you have a question, please reach out to the League staff member coordinating your session.