Receiving CEU Credit for Webinars

CEU Credit for Webinars

The requirements to receive CEU credits for webinars are listed below. 


Attendees must be present for the entire webinar. Signing in late or signing out early may result in loss of credit


Attendees are expected to pay full attention to the webinar throughout the duration of the program. 

GoToWebinar tracks each attendee’s computer. If an attendee clicks off the webinar screen at any time, this will be recorded. 

Please note, while the GoToWebinar system tracks each attendee, it cannot identify what an attendee clicks on and will not display any websites, etc. 

Poll Questions

Attendees are required to answer poll questions given at random throughout the webinar. These questions will be based on the material being discussed. Attendees must answer the poll questions to qualify for credit.

Once the webinar has ended, the League will review each attendee based on the three criteria above. If the attendee has met all three of these requirements a certificate of attendance will be emailed within the next two weeks after the program. 

Technical Considerations

Microsoft Word Warning

If an attendee wishes to take notes on the program, we ask that you please use pen and paper. Taking notes on the computer (via Microsoft Word, One Note, etc.) that the webinar is running on will cause a drop in the attentiveness score and can result in loss of credit.

iPad and iPhone Warning

We strongly recommend that you do not use your iPad or your iPhone to view the webinar. Several of the tracking features are unavailable on these devices and can result in loss of CEU credit. Please use a hardwired computer only to view webinars.

Want to Print the Above Instructions?

Print the above instructions (PDF); this link will open a PDF.